Computer Science consists of software development, primarily using languages like Java and Python. Online MCS programs allow you to select any specialization from full-stack development to big data to DevOps to Blockchain and IoT. Whether you hold a technical undergraduate degree or already working in an IT company, getting an advanced degree can improve your earning capability. Such programs cover various programming languages, tools, and libraries to equip students with the required competencies. Examples of the technologies taught include Python, MySQL, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Keras, REST-API, etc.

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You may have already noticed that today’s job market is hungry for more data analysts. While most of the courses are targeted at the company’s products, they can be really useful if youre using Microsoft tools in your professional life. Microsoft’s certificates are accredited and recognized by employers. There are courses with job guarantees or those designed to enhance your communication skills. Udacity’s AI nanodegree explores everything you need about this transformative technology. You’ll master programming techniques using the AI algorithms that power everything from NASA’s Mars Rover to DeepMind’s AlphaGo.

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This certification provides remote workers with insights into the skills they’ll need to maintain a successful career in digital marketing and eCommerce. This course provides students with the skills they need to access a career in the IT landscape. 5 courses pave the way to an entry-level job in areas like database administration and tech support. These are the best certifications for remote jobs worth exploring in 2023.

With this certification, students learn how to develop their presence in the social media landscape. Meta employees designed the six-course certification program to help students establish an online presence, build their following, and manage social accounts effectively. The Meta Social Media Marketing Professional certificate provides students with an opportunity to learn job-ready skills within the social media landscape. Skilled data scientists are in demand in just about every industry to transform large quantities of data into valuable business insights.

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Plus, the course is offered by the provider of one of the biggest digital marketing platforms out there, ensuring that employers know your certification is highly relevant and up-to-date. By mastering content creation, social engagement, conversion, and lead nurturing, you’ll acquire the skills that any digital marketing department courses for remote jobs will want. The platform emphasizes hands-on projects, personalized mentorship, and career support to ensure students gain theoretical knowledge and secure a job at the end of their training. —LSET is a technical education institute offering industry-relevant courses that prepare a more employable workforce for the future.

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